Do you…

Want to face your next chapter in life feeling fit and healthy?

 Suffer from aches and pains more often than you like?

Grab the wine glass or cookie too often to cope with stress?

Feel like you’re shoving yourself into your clothes every morning?

If so, you’re in the right spot.

So what’s the deal with Health Coaching?

A client once called me her “behind the scenes secret weapon”.  It’s absolutely true because as a health coach, I come into someone’s world and am able to provide simple, sensible, and straightforward solutions for eating and living better.   With a quiet confidence, I listen very intently, ask high mileage questions and help my clients discover their passion and purpose towards living healthier lives.

Being healthy is not just what comes on your plate, but also everything that comes off your plate like stress, sleep, relationships and career.  We all have busy lives and so being healthy should not be hard, confusing, or overwhelming.  You can feel and look great without doing it all perfect or thinking you have to be on a specific diet.  Sound good?

As a health coach for the past 8 years, I have learned that people like it simple, sensible, and straightforward because this modern culture is overwhelming and confusing.

Getting healthy is like an athletic event.   I help clients find their motivation, get mentally strong, be confident in their routines and ultimately find tremendous joy in this life-long journey.   Athletes are persistent and can handle adversity.  All great athletes have a great coach in their corner.

It’s time to get a Health Coach when…

You’re ready to feel amazing and shed the unwanted weight for good.

You realize the wine glass or cookie is not helping you cope with stress.

You’re confused and frustrated with this whole healthy eating thing.

You want to feel mentally and physically fit no matter what your age.

You are so done with thinking you have to be on a diet.

You already instinctively know that you need to make a change—that’s why you’re here. Making change happen, really happen, is about believing that you can do it—and about having the right mentoring and guidance. That’s where I come in.

Here are the results YOU can achieve:

You’ll feel sharp all day long—ready for what the world brings your way.

You’ll look and feel really good in your clothes.

You’ll cope better with stress and bounce back from setbacks more easily.

You’ll feel more connected to your close relationships.

You’ll make confident choices when it comes to eating and shopping for food.

You’ll happily make time for exercise every single day.

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